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  • My First Projector
    In previous posts we have taken a look at Peep-Viewer Toys of the 20th Century and 3-D Toy Viewers of the 20th Century. This self-indulgent companion piece, fuelled by nostalgia but including new research, reveals details of my own first projector. As we shall see there were several contenders for that description, including My FirstContinue reading “My First Projector”
  • Louis Le Prince – New Thinking: Part 2
    In the second part of this short series, guest contributor Irfan Shah continues his investigations and speculations about the inventor Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince, with a discussion about his motion picture work in the USA. The term ‘receiver’ in this post means a camera, and ‘deliverer’ means a projector or direct viewing device. OverContinue reading “Louis Le Prince – New Thinking: Part 2”