About The Optilogue

Welcome to The Optilogue. This blog explores historical visual media, especially those with an ‘optical’ element – including magic lanterns, early cinema, dimensional picture books, stereoscopic images, zoetropes, early flip books, anamorphics, peepshows and transparent dioramas. Art, Science, Technology and Sociology.

Included are historiographic musings, original research, investigations into visual perception, intermedial studies, and scrutiny of received wisdom in these fields.

Some entries are lengthy and meandering, with digressions and interruptions, and in some cases more technical information than many readers will be comfortable with. There are also engaging human stories, wonderful pictures, and anecdotal interludes. Reviews are in my usual opinionated style, and there will likely be a surfeit of footnotes.

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Stephen Herbert
Hastings, UK, December 2020

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